Pursuant to Article XII(2) of the By-laws, the Organization of Bar Investigators created the following standing committees: Membership Committee; Elections Committee; Planning and Program Committee; and Website and Publications Committee.

If you interested in serving on any of these committees, please contact Michelle Burton for information.

Membership Committee
Vanessa Norman, WA - Chair
Shirley Coleman, FL
Sheena Broadwater, MT
Jack Kelly, IL
Brian Kline, PA
Ali Sackett, FL
John Sanders, DOJ-Immigration Review
Susan Schreiber, WA
Wayne Truax, NC

Elections Committee
Kelly Dillon, MO - Chair
Chuck Anderson, DC
Metra Barton, UT
Bob Harrison, LA
Marni Sowell, MT
Ali Sackett, FL

Planning and Program Committee
Jim Pangborn, GA - Chair
Bob Harrison, LA
Lamar Jackson, GA
Tom McBride, USPTO
Robert Tyson, GA
Dean Veenstra, GA

Website and Publications Committee
Dori DeCook, MO - Chair
Robert Baker, VA
Jim Easoz, IL
Shannon Howshar, WY
Donna Scherer, CO

Organization of Bar Investigators
P.O. Box 81556
Chicago, IL 60681

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