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June 1, 2021

It has been a year since I have had the privilege to communicate with OBI membership!  That was the time that we were thrust into professional and personal unknowns with unprecedented situations.  Now, we are having mandated restrictions being lifted (albeit slowly) which feels wonderful! 

Again, it is appropriate to announce some of the steps your board has taken in response to the challenges of the last year.  After many discussions especially including the priority of membership safety and with confidence of its decision, the board announces the OBI 2021 Raleigh Conference scheduled for October 2021 has been postponed to the 2022 springtime!  If this paragraph sounds familiar that is because it is taken from my first president’s letter so many months ago with the obvious changes.  I never wanted to have to send such a notification to membership but here I am again.

The Raleigh Conference is scheduled for April 19-22, 2022.

North Carolina has worked diligently (including the board) this past year on all of the conference details.  Raleigh Conference and Hotel Registration will be forthcoming. 

This year started with a bang for your OBI board.  As you will recall Randy Ross had retired as treasurer at the end of 2020.  We are happy to announce that Suzanne “Sue” Kreider from Pennsylvania accepted the successor position.  Sue is over qualified for the board seat but OBI is fortunate that she was willing to volunteer her expertise.

Marni Rhoa, OBI secretary, resigned from the board due to her new personal milestones.  Marni moved out of Montana with family in tow but will forever keep in touch with the OBI friends she has cultivated over the years with this great organization! 

Karen Brown from Florida stepped into Marni’s successor secretary position leaving her At Large Director seat open.  Karen has been part of the board for several years and will continue to benefit OBI with her new volunteer duties.

Charlie Hummell from California was approached and he graciously accepted the open At Large Director successor seat.  Charlie has started this journey with great enthusiasm.  Again, OBI is fortunate to have Charlie so willing to volunteer his talents.

You can see your 2021 board members to the left of the OBI letterhead.  Elections are happening as always in October 2021 for a full board.  Now is the time to consider your talents to run for an officer position or committee membership. 


Contact any one of those listed to the left on the letterhead for any questions, concerns, problems you may need to discuss.  We look forward to communications with you all.

The OBI website is being reviewed, corrected, revamped, updated, as we read this communication.  This has been the main priority for months since losing the listserv capabilities.  It has confirmed just how important the OBI website and listserv is for membership and its communications between jurisdictions.  Please know that this is being rectified and you will be the first advised when the listserv is up and functioning as it should.

About the OBI:

The Organization of Bar Investigators (OBI) is a non-profit organization that was formed in 2003 as a forum for investigators, paralegals, or other individuals whose primary duties involve investigating and participating in the regulation of the legal profession to network, share information and build professional competencies.

This website is intended to be a resource for OBI members, prospective members and the general public.

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